The Making Of A Zombie - Part 1

Hi all, In the next few days I will be putting together a series of posts to give a step by step tutorial on how to make a film like Zombie costume. The costume will compliment the Zombie SPFX mask that I purchased a few weeks ago. The list below is what you will need so you will need o pop to your local charity shops and DIY stores.
  • An old Suit - Don't spend more than a few pounds or dollars.
  • A white shirt (looks great with the blood stains)
  • Old Black Shoes
  • A Tie
  • A tight fitting T-Shirt
  • Some old socks (about 3 pairs - or you can use old bits of material)
  • Latex (you can use the stuff that you can buy at DIY stores - filler Latex for window seals)
  • Red spray paint
  • Black Spray Paint
  • Brown Spray Paint
  • Paint Brushes
  • Sand Paper
  • T-Bags
  • Knife & Scissors
  • White-Out Contact lenses (Optional)

I think that is about all you will need for now. Make sure you use a suit that you don't mind completely destroying because there is no going back guys after we have started! Ok, once you have got your bits and pieces together, pop back in a few days for the second tutorial. In the mean time, here is what you will look like when it is all put together. Click images for bigger picture.

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Mike said...

:( I came for the zombie instructions.. Your finished product looks great, but I wanna know how to get there!

please email me if you continue these instructions: deadguy at msn dot com