My Bluehost Review

Having spent many years building websites I thought it was time to write my own Bluehost Review. I've tried MANY different hosts over the years but Bluehost has proven to be trustworthy time and time again.

I recently upgraded all my Bluehost shared hosting accounts to a single Bluehost VPS. The speed increase has been outstanding. The Bluehost support team even helped me move all my websites to the VPS free of charge.

I highly recommend them.

It's Nearly Halloween!

Hi all, long time no post! Been busy putting lot's of sites together but aim to start posting on a regular basis again soon. I have beenreally busy adding to my homemade zombie costume but still struggling to put together some decent zombie hands. I think I may just by some online and hack them into something half decent. I you guys don't have time to put together a decent Zombie Outfit or Zombie Mask for halloween then you may want to pick a deal at Discount Costumes Online.

Watch out for some exiting posts coming soon!

Rambo 4 Tailer 2008

As most of you may already know, Rambo 4 was released last week in the US and by the looks of the latest trailer it is going to be one violent blood fest (just the way I like it). I know a lot was put into the production of Rambo 4 or Rambo iv as some call it. I even got to see a scene of the movie being made when I was on holiday in Thailand last year. How cool is that? Here's the trailer if you haven't already seen it. I will try to get some footage of the production and post it in the next few days.

The Making Of Thriller - Part 2 Of 5

Ok guys and girls, If you enjoyed the 'Making Of Thriller' part one then here's the second part. Lots more Zombie Makeup and special effects and also some history on The Jackson five that you might enjoy. Ok roll the film...

The Making Of Thriller - Part 1 of 5

Anyone remember Michael Jacksons Thriller video? Remember the 'Making Of Thriller' that came out on TV shortly afterwards? I can remember when my dad first showed me Michael Jacksons Thriller video when I was about 4 years old (yeah I know, a bit young to be watching zombies and warewolves). Must be why I like stuff like this. Anyway, I first became obsessed with everything to do with the walking dead and special fx ever since (thanks dad). I have been digging around YouTube and found The Making Of Thriller which I watched religiously as a kid. A bit of nostalgia here we come! Enjoy...

The Making Of A Zombie - Part 1

Hi all, In the next few days I will be putting together a series of posts to give a step by step tutorial on how to make a film like Zombie costume. The costume will compliment the Zombie SPFX mask that I purchased a few weeks ago. The list below is what you will need so you will need o pop to your local charity shops and DIY stores.
  • An old Suit - Don't spend more than a few pounds or dollars.
  • A white shirt (looks great with the blood stains)
  • Old Black Shoes
  • A Tie
  • A tight fitting T-Shirt
  • Some old socks (about 3 pairs - or you can use old bits of material)
  • Latex (you can use the stuff that you can buy at DIY stores - filler Latex for window seals)
  • Red spray paint
  • Black Spray Paint
  • Brown Spray Paint
  • Paint Brushes
  • Sand Paper
  • T-Bags
  • Knife & Scissors
  • White-Out Contact lenses (Optional)

I think that is about all you will need for now. Make sure you use a suit that you don't mind completely destroying because there is no going back guys after we have started! Ok, once you have got your bits and pieces together, pop back in a few days for the second tutorial. In the mean time, here is what you will look like when it is all put together. Click images for bigger picture.

Transformers: The Best Special Effects Ever? - Behind the high-tech scenes of this summer’s biggest blockbuster with the geeks who turned blazing concept cars into galaxy-saving Autobots.

More than 750 parts stretching a half-mile long. Some 350 engineers working round-the-clock. Thousands of rusty, old mechanic photos — clutch plates, transmissions, brake discs — spilling across the table. All for one beat-up Camaro? Sure doesn't sound like your average auto manufacturer.

"The idea is they're not fresh off the showroom floor," says Jeff White, the man charged with creating the yellow sports car and 13 others for a big new garage. He's right: They're supposed to look realer than that. And be from outer space. And turn into 30-ft. robots. And save the universe. Full Article.